This post is dedicated to my good friend and fellow awesome Mom Amber, who is always teaching me a lesson and there for me as we navigate the ups and downs of life. 1003153_628040925914_156753935_n

Soooo I’m going to swallow this little thing I have called pride for awhile.

I have this habit of declining help. Everywhere we go. No matter who we are with. No matter how many screaming kids I have. No matter how full my arms are. If you offer to open the door for me I’m that person that says “oh I’ve got it Thanks I’m used to it”. And actually I need to be saying “Oh thank you soo much That’d be great”.

But I don’t. I’m hell bent on being independent and making sure that no one feels bad for me or thinks that I can’t do it. Seriously it ticks me off when people say “you have your hands full!”. No one knows how full my hands are or how I handle things so I hate that people just judge or assume.

But then I spend a day with Amber and she is the yingHelp to my yang sometimes. When I’m hardcore independent no help don’t ask, she quickly taught me the other side of things.

I believe she said after I turned her help down with the 3 kids “people don’t ask to help if they don’t want to, and I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t want to help”. We were on our way to a fire safety camp with the kids and I was going to carry Braxton, and push a stroller with the crabby toddler and the wheelchair by myself. She smartly informed me “You honestly need to let people help you if you need it” then told me of her recent trip to Target with her screaming child and how someone had offered her help and she turned it down, rethinking it afterward.

Yes Amber, you were right. Not everyone has a second agenda or judgement when they offer help. Some people just want to help. And I go out of my way to not take it, which probably makes them feels bad, while making me look stupid as I get whacked on the head with a door as I try to push a wheelchair and hold 2 kids as I go through (I think that is called Karma).

So here it goes. For the rest of August I’m not going to turn down help. Not with doors, or carrying trays, or even with cart pushing/kid chasing. If I could use it I’ll take it. And to make it even more fun, I’m going to carry my camera with me (or try to) so that I can hopefully get a picture of these awesome people and post them on my follow up blog from this.

Now this is hard for me, so I could use some prayers.