Oh the face

So busy week here in the Knop house. Drs drs drs and project projects projects! Jacoby had an ENT appt for and eardrum that wont heal closed, Kenley had and ear infection (thanks Jacoby) and I felt like hell which we can chalk up to viral tonsilitis. But til the season. Many of my final projects came due and so I am waiting patiently for my grades. And it is beginning to look like Christmas around here! 6-8 inches of snow fell yesterday and out with it came idiot drivers who forget it snows every year. I am patiently waiting on Josh’s bonus to get here so that I can finsih Christmas shopping and I am done with school for the semester December 13th! It really can not come soon enough.

Jacoby’s joke of the weekend “Knock knock!” “Whos there?” “GRRRRRRRRR! Im a tiger!” And his Jacobyism would have to be “this is taking tomorrow!” this means that it is taking a long time today that it will run into tomorrow.

With that being said it brings me onto my next point about the Oh S*** face. Have you ever noticed that it explains so many things in life? For example the ltieraly oh s*** face that Kenley gives me when she fills her diaper or when Jacoby got busted yesterday for eating the rest of the bag of oreo cookie (he ate 2 whole rows before i busted him). Or even the oh s*** face when Josh comes home to see the dishes done and is thinking oh s*** what does she want or what do I need to do. Well yesterday I saw the oh s*** face in the form of cars spinning, trucks in the ditch and of everyone about the snow. Me? well I drove to Omaha and back in it with the kids on a promise that I’d take Jacoby to see Santa. My oh s*** face came when Santa gave Jacoby a candy cane and we were in for an hour drive home (due to weather) and I was thinking oh s*** thats going to be messy in the car. So I feel like the oh s*** face is mutlimeaningful and can explain the many situations in life.  Well we are off to a baby shower and snow cleanup today along with the regular studying ~Happy December all!~


One thought on “Oh the face

  1. I had ‘the face’ yesterday after baking 12 batches of pumpkin bread and seeing the disaster my kitchen was. Mostly cleaned up now. Guess I can’t give you your cookies in case Jacoby gets into them!

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