Jacoby’s Santa Wish

Josh and I had devised a plan about Christmas this year to cut down on costs of gifts for the kiddos. Jacoby is so blessed and loved that our house constantly looks like a toy grenade went off. So we asked Jacoby if Santa could bring him 1 gift this year and give the rest to other children who aren’t as lucky as him. He smiled and agreed and then went about his business deciding what to ask for when he sees Santa.

Well Jacoby is a amazing boy and touched my heart today with his inquisitive mind. “Mom what about the kids at my hospital? Can Santa take them my gifts?” when we were discussing Christmas and I was reminding him of the 1 gift rule. Well our small scheme to save money has shifted into Jacoby’s wish to take his Santa gifts to his friends at Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

So here’s my plan: Kenley has many bows and blooms that she has not worn yet that will be given to the hematology/oncology clinic because the little girls with cancer lose their hair so they like wearing bows in place of their hair. They stick them on crochet bands and rock them like theres no tomorrow. We will be making this donation in honor of Brinkley Chandler who passed away this year due to an inoperable brain tumor.

I will be taking $50 that was allotted for a family Christmas gift and buying toys then we as a family will go help Jacoby deliver the toys to Children’s. The rule there is they have to be brand new because of germs so I was thinking some hot wheels dolls ect.

I called the foundation and got approval and will keep you posted. I just thought it was amazing how a 4 1/2 year old can remind us what the season is about. It is about caring and loving and being thankful for what you have.


2 thoughts on “Jacoby’s Santa Wish

  1. I didn’t know you blogged! Your a great mom and a great friend. If Jacobi asked Santa to bring toys to the other kids in his hospital, you and Josh are doing something right 🙂

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