Dum dee dum dum dum

The title describes my mind’s amount of work that it is capable of right now. 24 hours 4 nursing tests and 5 hours of sleep. And a cherry bagel. That describes how my life has been right about now. Its safe to say now that I’ve passed each test, not to hte best of my ability, but still passed and hell week number 2 of this semester is over! And its a downhill slide to the end. I can see lots of housework in my future over Christmas break. My poor house has been so neglected and I’ve finally bought filing folders for the many insurance papers that keep procreating on my counters and table. I went through Jacoby’s toys the other day and threw out 3 walmart bags of toys. I’m not kidding. And the kid still has more toys than Macy’s toys section. I asked what he wanted for Christmas and his response was “everything”. That’d be Josh’s son right there.

This weekend Jacoby had a constant whine on. And i’m not just meaning when he asked for things. Im talking 100% of every word, phrase and sigh that came out of him was a whine. We had pictures on Saturday to help a friend out with her sister’s children’s boutique and he had to be bribe the whole time. Then Sunday we went to the zoo to meet the inlaws for family pics and he had to be told cookies and gift shop cookies and gift shop. This was ontop of my cold and need to study. But today a new leaf has turned as he helped Josh this morning while he was getting ready and then got the Leader student of the Month at his school! I’m so proud of him! He was a good listener and showed his fellow students how to work hard. I swear 4 year olds are as moody as a pregnant woman.

Kenley is getting so chubby! I shouldn’t use that word to describe her but the rolls on her thighs are soooo cute! She is finally starting to really put weight on and is eating 5 ounces in one setting. We just now are starting to try food again (last time she didn’t poop) and it’s going ok. She really doesn’t care for it more or less eats it because its in her mouth. She now ‘yells’ and ‘lectures’ which is very much needed in this house. Last night Jacoby tried to pick her up and he let him hear it. She is now attached to a giraffe named Sophie which squeaks and smells like rubber. It is like baby crack. Jacoby also likes ‘borrowing’ it from her as well.

Well in other exiting news last night we had water in our basement as well as running down our driveway. After an assessment today they fear our front yard sprinkler water line broke. SO its not a huge emergency other than that the water could cause a sink hole. Sweet. Not like I liked our front yard anyhow.

Right now Kenley is swinging and Jacoby is trying to get me to smell his armpits. Yes his new thing is after bathtime you have to smell his feet and armpits. I dont know where he got it from but he really gets upset if you dont smell them. His new joke lately is “how do you makr a kleenex dance? Put a booger in it!” Close enough right?! he cracks me up because he is always laughing at his jokes. He will just say poop or fart and crack up. Hes 100% boy.

Well I get to go to bed early tonight and not crack a book. Tomorrow it is careplan writing and enjoying no test! Hope you like the pic from the photo shoot Saturday. I can’t wait to see more pics that was just a sneak peek!


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