Sorry its been awhile. Unfortunately I got locked out of this for 1 week because I got confused on my password and after too many attempts it booted me. SMH only in Shonda’s world lol. Well 2 weeks have passed and let me catch you up! I’m still passing classes and ready for Turkey day. I need a break! Jacoby has been in school working on his braille and trying hard. He was being sneaky tho. There is a game they play called tactile treasures. Its where they play a game with their eyes closed and use their fingers to find where the pages are different. Jacoby earned quite a few stickers and I was saying how proud of him I was when he leaned over and said “i peek mom thats my secret!” What a stinker! So I told him to promise to never peek again which he did, then told Mary, his braille teacher.

In these 2 weeks Jacoby had been hit with a sinus infection and Kenley a nasty cold. They are getting over them but the lack of sleep is killing me! Now today I felt that tickle and am praying that it doesnt hit me.

I’ve started Christmas shopping(i know be surprised its not last minute!) and this year my goal is to buy from smaller shops or homemade items. And of course all my fave little girls got blooms and bows if they wear them.  I also found a shop that does homemade sock monkeys and I’m also doing fam pics for the inlaws since theirs need updating. As for my kiddos Jacoby and I had a long talk one afternoon and we’ve come to the agreement that Santa will only get them stocking stuff and 1 gift. The reason is because there are a lot of children in the world who dont have a lot of toys so we are telling Santa to give the other presents to them. Jacoby’s kind of proud of this 🙂 and then him and Kenley will get 3 gifts because thats the number of gifts that Jesus got on his birthday. Hes ok with that and should be because to be honest I have no idea what to get him or Kenley! Josh and I aren’t getting/exchanging gifts since we used it up in OCtober on our colorado trip so that makes it easier.

Josh has been in the hunting mood. Driving me crazy I tell you between the hunting shows and then him trying to go out any chance he gets I’m definately over it. He got a 5 by 5 (10 point) with his bow Monday night and I hinted that his hunting season may be over until I’m on break from school. He is getting ANOTHER head mounted (damn deer) but it goes in the man cave with the acknowledgement that he can’t mount anymore unless its bigger and only 2 dead deer on the wall at a time. Jacoby was pretty excited that Dad caught a deer though.

Kenley is 5 months and goodness she has probably gained a pound in a week! Watch out now I have a feeling these rolls will soon multiply on her thighs and wrists. Shes laughing and rolling (somewhat) and cooing along with the raspberry sounds. Shes quite a person now and is funny to watch when she gets annoyed with Jacoby because she will try to roll away from him lol

Well I have soo much coming up but I’m glad i got back on. Hope to be on tomorrow night!


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