Sorry I’ve been a little absent with test after test along with a naughty little boy thinking that putting a poptart in the dvd player and other actions like that I have been busy! This weekend made for an interesting one as now Kenley shrieks..yes..shrieks. I am pretty sure it must be a girl thing because other mothers I’ve talked to have said ‘”oh yeah I remember those days” but moms of boys are confused by this shrieking. This is how I know its coming full circle from when I’m a child. And she once again dislikes car rides. And she lets you know. As we were driving from home from Lincoln she started complaining and Jacoby pipes up “Mom Kenley doesn’t like the car and shes driving me crazy!” hahaha its only the beginning buddy.

We had Husker Heroes this weekend which is a gathering of athletes from all sports, football included, come and hang out with disabled people from all avenues such as autism, downs, spinda bifida ect ect. This was our second year and it was soo much fun! Jacoby of course went sporting his shirt and Kenley was dressed in her leg warmers and hair bloom. It was nice ot get out and see these people take their time to play game with the kids.

Today was Halloween and Jacoby was up at 6 am to remind us that he gets to be Batman! He wore his costume at school, daycare, and then out tonight. We hit up Nye street which is where the rich people live lol. So they were handing out whole candy bars not just the fun size so Jacoby kept saying “jackpot!” hahaha he got that from his dad. It was a nice evening but now its a downhill slope straight to Christmas. Yipes!

Well I’ll be on again tomorrow. Hope you all had a fantastic day and saw lots of cuties. Mine were pretty adorable 🙂


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