Boys will be boys will be..ugghh boys

There was a sign this morning when I left that it would be an interesting say the least. I left the house and reached the gas station only to recieve a phone call to say Jacoby had found that I’d left my papers at home. Ding!  Should’ve known. I spent the morning at the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility and it was peaches haha. Security had to search my pump bag (no officer I don’t think anyone can kill someone with my breast shield-thanks) and got to be the entertainment for the felons age 15-21 yrs. Just the presence of a woman in the facility made these hardcore gangbangers act like what they are-teenage boys. Yeppers I felt like I was Megan Fox and although I dont get embarrassed easily I sure turned 50 shades of red today! It was sad though that many of these 15 year olds already had 50 year sentences and the background of them is insane. If they wouldn’t have joined the gang their dad/uncle/brother was in then they risked their life and so joined and no ruined their life by that decision. But i did up my street cred today so watch out. Hardcore mama right here!

I returned to school to become certified in vision screening and looked down to find 6 missed calls from Jacoby’s school! So of course I listened to the voicemails and lets recap what happened. Jacoby was playing tag then decided to stop and locked his breaks. Well the 2 other boys decided he was still playing and decided to try to pull his chair backwards causing it to tip back and fall. I think it scared him more than anything other than a little knock on the head but Jacoby, my little drama king, told me that they tried to hide him and he told them that his mom was going to call the cops to take them to jail! hahaha As much as the tiger mom in me wanted to spank the other boy’s butts I just reminded the school nicely that Jacoby’s wheelchair is his legs and they should be treated as such. Then I just shook my head and thought to myself that this won’t be the first and won’t be the last.  Jacoby was talking about it tonight and said “mom if I were a mom I’d spank them and they wouldn’t get cookies for 2 whole days! Thats a long time!” hahaha oh the thought of a 2 year old!

This evening has been quiet with the dinosaur noises and Kenley vocalizing that I’m not giving her enough attention lol! that lil stinekr decided to wean herself off her binky last night and has continued it today. I don’t know what Josh is going to do! Go into crisis mode I’m sure lol His process when she’s crying is Binky..diaper…binky…walking…binky…bottle…binky… Shonda :0 I can hear it now “ummm Hey Kenley’s crying and wont take her binky” Ill break the news to him tonight about the binky gently lol.

Well tomorrow I’m off to Oakland Iowa with the mobile unit for school and have quite a bit of homework to do and a test to study for so I may not blog tomorrow so ill leave you with Jacoby’s joke of the evening

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Banana I’m going to spank his butt then split him in half if he farts! ~he likes to make his own up lol~



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