Well I’ve made it to the world of blogging…….

Well the move has finally been made (yay nay?!) I figure I have so many people follow me on facebok that I needed to take the step to blogging not only for my sanity and relief of verbal diarrhea but also because I get asked soo often how school is, how the kids are, how the hubster is, and also for everyone’s favorite little Jacobyisms. It’s worth a shot right? I hope to get a few followers maybe my grandma..we shall see. Right now Jacoby is wanting me to read his map while Kenley wrestles with a lion stuffed animal trying to get his paw into her mouth. 4 months makes for a lot of drool and objects in the mouth, followed by my nervous thoughts of hand foot mouth disease..lysol wipes anyone? Well I’ll leave you with this and try to make blogging a habit but beware school and kiddos may rob me of my time and rightfully so.


One thought on “Well I’ve made it to the world of blogging…….

  1. YAY!! Welcome to blogging world… a great place to blab and no one has to listen if they don’t want to! 🙂

    Love you Shonda momma & I look forward to being one of your many followers!! 🙂

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